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Our Services

Let's Keep Businesses Safe, Open and Operating.

At The Germ Stoppers we offer a variety of services that will help protect your home or business.  


Have a home?  We sanitize your home uniquely in accordance to what the customer desires.  We'll leave no germ unstopped!

Have a business?  We'll dispatch a team to fog everything your business desires, no matter the size.

quick and efficient

Our team is quick so that you can get back to relaxing or working with peace of mind that your home or business is germ free.


Our experienced staff thoroughly sanitize all touch point surfaces providing peace of mind and allowing your day to continue germ-free.  

Sanitizing Elevator


Our team wears masks when we fog your home or business.  We keep your safety in mind and will go above and beyond for our customers.

We love our community and want to provide the best services. Our weekly or monthly services will leave you satisfied all while saving you money.  

What's next?

Right now, our service area is located  in West Michigan.  Over time, our business will expand over the United States; however, for now you can view below what cities we provide services for.  If you are interested in our services submit the quote form below.

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We are very excited to work with you!  All you have to do is fill out the form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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